Avin International was founded and established in Greece in 1977. Avin is a major tanker operator, active in the shipment of crude oil and petroleum products. The company has also been active in undertaking various shipbuilding programs, in Yugoslavia, Japan, Ukraine, S. Korea and China. Avin also provides a high level of service and quality primarily to major petroleum companies and has a large list of clients by keeping excellent trading relationships and a high record of vetting inspection success.


Avin International has a long tradition in quality of service, safety of operation and environmental protection in the marine shipping industry. Our team of highly effective, professional and focused shore and shipboard staff demonstrate our commitment and responsibility towards our customers, shareholders, employees and society in general. Our goal is to constantly improve our position as premier shipping company, providing superior marine transportation services to customers worldwide. Avin also wants to achieve our Customers and National – International Organizations involved recognition and respect being within the best Companies in the Marine Industry.


Our Objectives are to transport oil and oil products as well as other liquid cargoes in bulk safely, environment friendly and efficiently with respect to our employees and the community, to enhance company’s reliability in offering these service, to safeguard company’s consistency and optimization in performance quality and performance reliability, whereby people, equipment, material and environment interface in a way that their maximum potential is realized and to create additional values such as International community image, Job pride amongst employees, Well trained workforce, and Direct/indirect contribution to the community.


For Avin International health, safety and environmental protection are non-negotiable objectives. The company spares no expense or effort in order to achieve these ends and apply the relevant Policies documented in Safety Quality and Environmental Systems manuals prepared to meet all ISM Code and ISO STANDARDS 9001-14001-50001 requirements. The company takes appropriate actions to communicate its Policies to all involved parts internally and externally. Driven by its commitment towards continuous improvement of its performance AVIN has integrated into the Safety-Quality-Environment System the Risk Management approach, which is implemented on board the fleet vessels. It also constantly invests in specialist resources to ensure that the Health, Security and Safety of Avin’s personel and associates, as well the protection of the Environment, are safeguarded to the maximum possible extent. To achieve this result the company complies with and exceeds the highest standards imposed by international regulations and will continue to do so in the future. Avin International is fully certified to the International Safety Management Code (ISM) and for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ,ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 by Lloyd’s Register. Our objectives are to transport oil and oil products as well as other liquid cargoes in bulk safely, environmental friendly and efficiently with respect to our employees and the community. We represent some of the objectives and policy referring to safety and environmental protection:

– To protect all personnel from avoidable injury and hardship.
– To undertake all duties safely and to protect the environment.
– To demonstrate through the Company’s safety records that all vessels are operated responsibly.
– To develop a sense of personal responsibility in ALL personnel towards health, safety and environment protection.
– To show that safe operations form an essential element of efficient operations.
– To prevent avoidable incidents that may cause personal injury, hardship, or damage to the environment.

– Company’s Management is totally committed to improve standards and will actively encourage and promote the levels of awareness that such standards demand. Effective training is recognized as being essential to achieve these standards.
– When considering new business or work methods, full account will be taken of all health, safety and environmental aspects to ensure that the standards required by this Policy are maintained.
– The prime responsibility for implementing this Policy lies with Company’s Management Staff (those in supervisory positions). To achieve this, the commitment and involvement of ALL Company personnel is required. In addition the company’s HSE policy should be available to both each personnel and the public also.
– All work will be properly supervised with safety and environment protection forming an integral part of all planning and procedures.
– Management will respond positively to recommendations from both shore and sea staff that identify the changes in policy, practices or equipment necessary to improve standards.
– All incidents of a serious or potentially serious nature are investigated and recommendations communicated through line management where appropriate.
– The personal record of each individual in this regard is considered as part of that employee’s work performance.
– Procedures have been established to ensure that the Company’s Vessels are maintained in conformity with the provisions of the relevant rules and regulations with additional Company requirements and equipment makers guidelines.
– In order to achieve the above, the Company:
– Holds Vessel inspections at appropriate intervals
– Reports any non-conformities and their portable causes (if known)
– Ensures that appropriate corrective action is taken
– Ensures that records of these activities are maintained
– Monitors Vessels performance and reports, fuels / lubs consumption, spares / stores consumption, extra / overtime
– Management will use its best endeavors to ensure that contractors working for the Company apply standards compatible with this policy.


The Rule
– Proactive day to day management
– Dynamic planning, acting, evaluating, revising
– Continuous upgrading in Safety, Quality, occupational health and environmental protection
– Support by proper documentation confirms Company’s commitment to excellence and safeguards Company’s consistency of performance

Better Safe than sorry!
– Our vessels are designed and equipped with first class equipment and are operated and maintained to the highest standard , exceeding the standards set by the Industry (Classification Societies, IMO, ILO, USCG, ISGOTT, OCIMF as well as Local and International recommended Rules and Regulations, Codes, Standards and Guidelines)

Only happy people can be efficient!
– Our vessels accommodation and our ashore premises are the proper Environment for our employees to operate efficiently with pleasure and safety
– Our employees on board and ashore, are motivated and are trained to be committed to Company’s Objectives and Policies
– Our supplies are procured timely, of the proper quality, in the necessary quantity

Companies are as good as the people running them!
– Our employees, on board and ashore are suitably educated and qualified to perform safely, environment friendly and efficiently
– Our employees, on board and ashore, are trained to catch up with the changing standards of the Industry
– Continuous motivation, through day to day management, and repeated training are provided to ensure our employees, on board and ashore, are committed and competent in performing their duty safely, efficiently and environment friendly

Environment upgrading is the key to our survival!
– Environment preservation and Environment friendly operations is the cornerstone for humanity survival
– Our Company is committed to satisfy the current and anticipated needs to enhance environmental protection and upgrading aiming at a ZERO SPILL TARGET

Documents speak louder than words!
– Proper documentation is developed to support our Objectives and Policy, embracing all Company’s operations and procedures
– Reporting, evaluation and revision procedures are established, Facilitating Safety Quality management implementation

More about Avin’s Objectives & Policies…


Avin International has a large list of customers, performing various trading services around the world.Vessels are made available in the market for fixing on either a spot or period (time charter) or consecutive
basis. Although Avin is very flexible as far as trading areas are concerned, at the present time we are primarily trading in the following geographic areas:
1. Mediterranean and Black Sea. This is the sector in which the company presently operates its Suezmax and product tankers.
2. Caribbean and United States and Western Europe. The company operates its product tankers either in the spot charter market or undercontracts with major oil companies.
3. Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Far East. These are areas in which Avin International operates its Suezmax and Aframax tankers.

Many charteres regularly operate in areas or ports which are highly regulated with rigorous Port State Controls.The United States of America (USG-USAC) is, for example, a trading area where Avin International successfully operates its Product carriers and a region where demands by the Authorities for quality and well maintained tonnage is paramount. Avin ensures the highest level of readiness of its vessels utilizing a planned maintenance and survey system, which is closely monitored by our superintendents/ class society and is strictly in accordance with International Legislation. The condition and readiness of our vessels thus ensures a sustained high standard of service for our clients at all times. As a result of this commitment our vessels are very popular in the market, due not only to their high degree of utilization and trading flexibility but also to their overall safety, reliability, performance and quality.