• Project Title : BIG DATA OCEAN
    The main objective of the BigDataOcean project is to enable maritime big data scenarios for EU-based companies, organisations and scientists, through a multi-segment platform that will combine data of different velocity, variety and volume under an inter-linked, trusted, multilingual engine to produce a big-data repository of value and veracity back to the participants and local communities. BigDataOcean aims to capitalise on existing modern technological breakthroughs in the areas of the big data driven economy, and roll out a completely new value chain of interrelated data streams coming from diverse sectors and languages and residing on cross technology innovations being delivered in different formats (as well in different states, e.g. structured/unstructured, real-time/batches) in order to revolutionise the way maritime-related industries work, showcasing a huge and realistic economic, societal and environmental impact that is being achieved by introducing an economy of knowledge into a traditional sector which does not operate in an orchestrated manner and is rather fragmented.
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  • Project Title : FIBRESHIP
    The goal of FIBRESHIP is to enable the construction of the entire hull and superstructure of large-length, seagoing and inland ships in fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) materials by overcoming several key technical challenges. To achieve this objective, the project will develop, qualify and audit innovative FRP materials for marine applications, establish new design and production guidelines and procedures, devise efficient production and inspection methodologies, and develop new validated computational analysis tools. The different technologies generated in FIBRESHIP will be validated and subsequently demonstrated using advanced simulation techniques and experimental testing on real-scale structures.
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  • Project Title : SHOPERA
    Company : FOINIKAS S.A.
    The 2012 guidelines on the method of calculation of the attained Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships (MEPC.212(63)) represent a major step forward in implementing the REGULATIONS ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF SHIPS (resolution MEPC.203(62)) through the introduction of a series of specifications for calculating the EEDI for various types of ships. There are, however, serious concerns regarding the sufficiency of propulsion power and of steering devices to maintain the manoeuvrability of ships in adverse conditions, hence the safety of ships, assuming that the ship marginally passes the relevant EEDI criterion. This gave reason for additional considerations and studies at IMO (MEPC 64/4/13 and MEPC 64/INF7). Furthermore, whereas present EEDI regulations concern the limitation of toxic gas emissions by ship operation, what may be understood as a new constraint in ship design and operation, the SHOPERA project addresses the above outlined challenges by looking holistically at integrated ship design and operational environments, and implementing multi-objective optimisation procedures to optimise a ship’s powering while ensuring safe ship operation; but at the same time seeking the right balance between the ship’s efficiency and economy, safety and greenness. Upon completion, SHOPERA will submit key results to IMO for consideration in the rule making process.
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  • Project Title: IPATCH
    Company: FOINIKAS S.A.
    The end of the 20th Century has seen an unprecedented resurgence of piracy. In particular, the breakdown of the Somali government and the ensuing lack of “law and order” in the region have turned the Gulf of Aden into one of the world’s most dangerous places for commercial and private vessels. Piracy is also on the rise in other regions of the world, including West Africa, South East Asia and South America. Detecting a piracy threat in good time is of utmost importance to vessels in high-risk areas. The IPATCH system will use advanced sensors and data fusion to provide the Master of the ship with the information needed to decide how best to mitigate the threat, be that calling forassistance or bringing the crew into the secure citadel.
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